What is qPCR Sampling?

Data Driven MSQPCR Sampling Leads to Comprehensive Solutions

There is important data in the sampling and methodology itself that we can use. Every case we come across is individual and unique and then figuring out how to use that data best for these types of projects to get to the solution that our clients are looking for.

Did You Know?

MSQPCR testing is crucial for mold-sensitive individuals who have CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) or other mold-related illness and are working with a doctor for a specific treatment plan.

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Download Our qPCR Sampling Guide

Download Our qPCR Sampling Guide

MSQPCR (mold-specific qPCR) sampling gives us a more detailed analysis of the types of mold and other potential environmental hazards that may be impacting a property and a client’s health

qPCR Sampling Guide