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There is nothing we appreciate more than our clients taking the time to tell us about their experience working with us. Here are what some of our clients had to say...thank you very much!

Mold Inspection Sciences Austin

You'll Love Working with Mold Inspection Sciences, Ask Our Customers

I know someone who recently had a mold scare, so for piece of mind, I decided to get a mold inspection on my own home. I am glad I did so and am glad I chose this company. When I initially called, the representative (George) was very clear about the steps and cost.

Philip, the inspector, was great! I appreciated the explanations he gave me and learned quite a bit (some good news and some bad news).

I did choose to have the additional air samples performed and tested and got a...

John Byers Houston, 11/13/2023

Very professional. Philip does a great job and such a nice guy too.

Jason Brock Houston, 10/4/2023

We have worked with Mold Inspection Sciences many times on different types of testing, and they are all real pros. Specifically, Philip is a fantastic inspector who always demonstrates a great deal of expertise and takes the time to make sure that we have all of the information that we need for a safe & successful project.

Corey Hines Houston, 9/24/2023

Thorough inspection helped determine appropriate action. Thanks!

Roger Barr Dallas, 9/15/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

We were given accurate time estimates kept well informed of progress. I feel confident that all tests were performed properly and that our house is now free of mold.

Kelley M. San Antonio, 9/14/2023

Jamaal and Philip, were great at keeping me calm and showing me the areas of mold that were created in my home, as well as problematic water damage. Were now on a better path to solving a life, and family crisis. I cannot Recommend this company more. Please do not go through anyone else. The mold industry can be extremely shady.

Ann Bronikowski Houston, 9/13/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

Betty was the person who helped me. I appreciate the thorough approach to everything combined with human touch. I will definitely recommend your firm to others :)

Christine M. Houston, 9/7/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

The process was explained well and handled quickly.

Michelle B. San Antonio, 8/30/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

Philip was fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and caring. I will definitely recommend mold inspection sciences to others.

Jewel S. Houston, 8/28/2023

Got a mold problem? Landlord not dealing with it properly? Give these guys a call! We have had recurring mold problems for the last year and a half in our apartment that seems to never get repaired properly. Thus, we have begun to take it into our own hands. Philip (our mold inspector) did a thorough job and found mold in places we never even thought to look. They will take your concerns and help get you answers. The report they provide at the end is beyond what you could expect. From what...

Kobie Welch Houston, 8/12/2023