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Episode 00:
Introduction to The Secret Life of Mold Podcast

Welcome to our first episode of The Secret Life of Mold Podcast. In this episode we share with you what this podcast is all about. Who it’s for, why this is information everyone should know, and why we are qualified to share our insights and expertise with you.  

Welcome to The Secret Life of Mold! We’re glad you’re here. Our first episode introduces you to our host Craig Cooper and the expertise behind The Secret Life of Mold. Craig shares a little of his background and what lead him to your speakers. He also shares the story of sister companies, Mold Inspection Sciences and Mold Inspection Sciences Texas and an opportunity to build a mold inspection and testing company that would provide clients with not only trusted, but proven answers when they were impacted by mold issues.  The Secret Life of Mold is here to help you recognize what’s impacting your health or your environment and to help you act with ease and make educated decisions on the next steps you take to finding a solution.


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Time-stamped Show Notes:

0:20—Meet your host, Craig Cooper

0:45—Why trust the Mold Inspection Sciences expertise?

2:18—What you can expect from The Secret Life of Mold


Big Three from Episode 00:

  1. The expertise behind The Secret Life of Mold is Mold Inspection Sciences and Mold Inspection Sciences Texas. We are inspection and testing companies with proven science-based results that help clients determine the necessary next steps to solving their mold issues. And, we do not perform remediation, meaning there is no conflict of interest for clients.
  2. We have completed tens of thousands of mold investigations working with a wide variety of clientele including residential, large commercial, and storm and hurricane victims.
  3. Your host, Craig Cooper, is a Senior Mold Inspector and Project Manager who has personally completed over 10,000 mold investigations and managed thousands of others for our company.


Resources/Tools/Links Mentioned In This Episode:


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