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Mold Inspection Sciences of Austin did a good job producing a mold inspection report for our house. They were quick to schedule, showed up on time, did their job efficiently, and were ready with explanations for questions we had.

We had a leak in the kitchen that went unnoticed for 4 months. When I ripped out the cabinets the floor and wall were plastered with mold. It was so wet, algae was also growing. We hired a separate mold abatement company to eradicate the mold. This is typic...

claydogg1066 3/25/2024

Great job by Kristy, Chuck, and the guy on the phone after. Got me in last minute when our previous inspection fell through, and then gave candidly uncertain guesses for the cost and time to repair.

Paul F. Austin, TX, 3/18/2024

I can not put into words the amount of grateful that I am to Christian, Kelvin and Tracy. I’ve been sick for over a year in a rental and the property management company did their testing thru someone else and they said it was fine but I’m still HORRIBLY ILL. I spoke to Christian who answered all of my questions and who felt genuinely helpful and caring not someone just focused on just making a sale which is why when my mycotoxin text cam back positive I knew I needed to call Christian for...

Josey Robertson 1/15/2024

I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Mold Inspection Sciences of Austin. From the initial testing to the post support, questions and everything in between - I give them 5 stars! Tracy Griffin was particularly exceptional in my experience. I called him multiple times with questions and he constantly supported me and offered valuable information.

This is not my area of expertise at all and can be particularly scary when you don't know what to expect so for a...

Elaine Lewis Thanks again Tracy and team!, 8/21/2023

Best-in-class service. Such an amazing team, you wont regret using them.

Matt Caldwell Best in class, 7/20/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for helping me through such a difficult situation

Matt C. Amazing, 7/20/2023

Great experience - quick, knowledgeable, and no-fuss solutions to fixing our issues. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this company.

Amanda Barchfield Engle Great experience, 5/22/2023
Mold Inspection Sciences Client Review

Great professional service from start to finish in both speaking with the scheduler to having Chuck in our home doing the very thorough testing to the finish and follow up report! Highly recommend!

Brenda T. Professional, 4/22/2023

Mold Investigation Methods

Moisture Detection

Moisture Detection

Mold growth requires three things: mold spores, a food source (building materials), and moisture or water. So, where we find moisture, we find mold. By locating the source of moisture and identifying hidden water intrusions, we can focus our mold investigation in the right areas.

If there was water damage from a flood, a leak, or a natural event we can inspect and assess the water damage along with identifying the presence of mold and make recommendations on the best way to return the home or office to a healthy state. 

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology

We use FLIR infrared camera technology to enhance our inspection services. This advanced, non-invasive technology allows our inspectors to zero in and identify potential sources of moisture to more accurately determine testing and sampling areas. This will allow us to make even more precise conclusions and recommendations for action during the inspection.

Sampling and Testing

Sampling and Testing

We often get questions about how we determine which sample types to recommend, why we recommended a specific number of samples, and other questions about our sampling approach - known as our Sampling Strategy. Through the course of the assessment, our inspector will put together a Sampling Strategy specific to your property that will allow us to pinpoint problem areas, determine overall contamination levels, guide remediation efforts when needed, or in other cases rule out mold as a source of concern. If you have questions about the type of samples used or are wonder how and why specific recommendations are made, you can find tons of information in our Sampling Guides. Feel free to reach out to us with specific questions.

Licensed Mold Inspectors

Licensed Mold Inspectors

Performing professional, high-quality inspections requires three things—certification, education, and experience—values we do not take for granted. Each of our inspectors, consultants, and project managers is a licensed Mold Assesment Consultant by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. To protect your liability, property, and health, it’s important to engage the services of a professional and licensed mold inspector. 

No Conflict of Interest

No Conflict of Interest

We don’t perform mold remediation, repair, or construction. We have no interest in the outcome of our inspections other than to ensure you have the information needed to return your home or office to a healthy state. Our expertise guides us, and we never have a conflict of interest regarding our findings and recommendations. We use a science-based approach and only do inspections and testing, never remediation.

Specialized Air Sampling Equipment

Specialized Air Sampling Equipment

We use industry-standard sample collection equipment, meticulously maintained, and regularly calibrated to ensure the integrity of our samples and the accuracy of the results.

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