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Mold Inspection Sciences Texas Announces Brandon Apple as COO

AUSTIN, Texas (Sept. 19, 2022) — Mold Inspection Sciences Texas, the state’s leading mold inspection and testing company, is proud to announce Brandon Apple has been appointed as COO. In this role, Brandon will oversee the company’s operational aspects, coordinate with managers and departments to achieve objectives and goals, promote employee growth, and assist in establishing policies that continue to cultivate company culture and vision.

“Brandon has worked with us for many years at our sister company Mold Inspection Sciences (MIS), first as an inspector and now as COO. He has significantly impacted the company's growth, by more than 100% since joining our team in October of 2010,” said President and CEO Michael Bains.

“When Brandon came on board, our only locations outside of Texas consisted of California and Colorado,” said Bains. “Since then, Brandon has helped get operations up and running in Washington, Oregon, Ohio, and Kentucky. I’m excited to have Brandon bring that expertise to Mold Inspection Sciences Texas.”

Brandon started his career in the mold industry more than two decades ago. Prior to joining Mold Inspection Sciences, Brandon worked in environmental remediation for 10 years. He has gone from being the guy fixing the problem to being an ethics advocate for the creation of proprietary methodologies that properly identify issues with a repeatable, science-based process, like the CIRS inspection protocol for health-compromised individuals at MIS.

Brandon is a member of the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) and recently joined the Colorado Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CoAND). In addition, Brandon’s licenses and certifications include: 

  • MIS certified CMI (Certified Microbial Investigator)
  • MIS Certified Thermography Level I
  • MIS Certified Water Testing Technician
  • MICRO Certified CMI – 80355
  • Prior certifications include
    • CDPHE Asbestos Certification – Building Inspector
    • Acclaim Environmental EPA-Approved AHERA Asbestos Course for Inspectors
    • Environmental Training & Consulting EPA-Approved AHERA Asbestos Course for Contractors and Supervisors
    • CDPHE Asbestos Certification – Supervisor
    • IICRC Certified WDRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician)
    • IICRC Trained AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)

“Brandon is smart, incredibly experienced, loyal, hardworking, and committed,” Bains continued. “And among his strengths is his desire to make everyone better. As a result, Brandon has successfully built one of the most admired mold and specialty inspection and testing organizations in six states, served as a role model for his teams, mentored and guided staff on their path to success, and negotiated strong business relationships.”

“I am thrilled to be taking on the COO role at Mold Inspection Sciences Texas and, more specifically, to be joining a team that leads the industry standard for outstanding customer service and mold inspection expertise,” said Brandon.

Brandon Apple, COO

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