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Infants, the elderly, those with asthma, and immune compromised individuals are at greater risk for the adverse health effects of mold.

Mold Inspection, Moisture Assessments & Mold Testing
Residential and Commercial
Serving Austin, San Antonio, and Central Texas

We provide our clients with professional, full service mold
inspections, assessments, and sampling and testing services.
Our goal is to gain a complete picture of a property and to
effectively communicate the condition, with respect to mold
and water or moisture intrusion, to our valued clients.

Please contact us at (512) 535-2493 or (210) 568-7725 or toll
free at (888) 335-6653 for a free telephone consultation and allow
us to answer your questions and professionally guide and assist you
with your mold related issues.

What can you expect from Mold Inspection Sciences.?

Initial Contact - You will speak with a courteous, mold professional
about your particular situation. Once your questions and concerns are
addressed, an appointment to visit your property will be scheduled.

Inspection Engagement - one or more of our licensed assessors
will arrive at your property at the scheduled appointment time.

Prior to beginning the Inspection, your key issues and concerns
will be discussed and you will be given a copy of the "Consumer
Information Sheet" from the Texas Dept. of Health.

Your property will be thoroughly inspected for visible microbial
growth, instances of water intrusion, and other areas of concern.

Elapsed time to complete the initial inspection varies with the
size and complexity of the property. A 2000 sq. ft. home will
generally take about 2 hours to inspect…we are very thorough.

All findings are documented in writing and by digital photography.

Digital hygrometers and precision moisture detection devices
are used to assist the mold inspector in the investigation.

Once the inspection is completed, you will be presented with the
preliminary findings and recommended sampling, IF ANY,
will be discussed.

Microbial samples are taken on an as needed basis only.

Post Inspection - many important tasks must be completed after
we leave the property.

Samples, if collected, will be sent to an independent
microbiology laboratory for analysis.

48 hour turn-around-times are standard, but quicker
service can be arranged…as quick as one day if required.

An inspection report is compiled using all of the information,
both written and photographic, that was gathered during the
inspection. This document is detailed, but easy to read,
understand, and follow.

The inspection report and laboratory report will be neatly
packaged and sent to you. You will receive a telephone call
from the professional assigned to your engagement to review,
in detail, your inspection packet.