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According to the American College of Allergists, 50 percent of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravate by, polluted indoor air.

Mold Inspection Sciences has strong relationships with many of
California's top producing Real Estate professionals to provide full
service mold inspection, sampling, and consulting services. These
professionals know the value of providing their clients with the best,
most comprehensive buying or selling advice.

MIS of Texas is building like relationships with professional realtors
in Austin, San Antonio, and the greater Central Texas region. We are
now cultivating the same ethical, client-conscious relationships here.

Advisory Warning for Texas' Realtors: The California Toxic Mold
Protection Act now places the liability for any undisclosed mold
problems on the seller. Disclosures dealing specifically with mold
now appear in the Buyer's Inspection Advisory and in the Real Estate
Transfer Disclosure Statement.

It is the responsibility of all real estate professionals to properly inform
their clients about the dangers, both physical and financial, that mold
can have on a property. Be proactive and protect yourself. If we can
be of any assistance to you or one of your clients, please give us a call.


A standard home inspection DOES NOT address mold.
You could potentially be liable if you sell a home with undisclosed
mold problems.

Mold Inspection Sciences is covered by $1,000,000 of Errors
and Omissions Insurance

Also, we produce the most clear and concise Mold Assessment
Reports in the industry. Our Inspection Reports contain:

Detailed color photographs.
Non-inflammatory language.
Conservative lab analysis.
Our services help assure the buyer of the condition
of their investment and exempt the seller from future
mold related claims.
Our services can help you "close the deal" - not lose it.

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