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Some types of mold release toxic substances known as mycotoxins.

7 Important Questions to Ask a Mold Consulting
Company BEFORE Hiring.

1. Do you perform mold remediation or removal? Do you
profit from referrals to mold remediation companies?

We don’t! Remediation can be a very expensive process. In our
opinion, it is a conflict of interest to profit from remediation!
We have NOTHING to gain by finding a mold problem.

2. Are you licensed and certified?

We are! Click on this link to see our [Professional Certifications].

3. Do you have Errors and Omissions Insurance?

We carry $1,000,000 of E & O Insurance and $1,000,000 of
General Liability Insurance. General Liability Insurance, which
is all that is required by Texas, will not cover you if an inspector
makes a mistake or blatantly misses a serious mold infestation
in your home. Errors and Omissions insurance is expensive
and difficult to obtain. Do not hire anyone for a mold-related
issue if they do not have the right insurance. E&O Insurance
is your ONLY protection.

4. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

We are! The BBB believes that a business community committed
to ethical business practices, coupled with an educated and
informed public, is the key to a fair and honest marketplace.

5. Do you offer packaged deals for inspections and a certain
number of “free” samples?

We don’t! It is impossible to gain enough data about a property
over the phone to tell a client how many (if any) laboratory
samples they will need to gain an understanding of their property
regarding microbial contamination.

6. Is the lab you use in compliance with the ISO 17025
Standard for performing the microscopic analysis of fungi?

Ours is! We send all of our microbial samples to
Environmental Microbiology Labs.

7. Is the lab you use certified by the American Industrial
Hygiene Association (AIHA)

Ours is! Environmental Microbiology Labs is one of only a
handful of labs in the state of California and one of only 12
labs in the entire state of Texas that have endured and
passes the rigorous, lengthy, and expensive process of
becoming AIHA certified for fungal analysis.