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EPA ranks mold as one of the top 6 allergens.

You should be concerned about mold related issues if:

You are the buyer or seller of real estate.

Your home has sustained water damage or suffers from water
leaks or excessive moisture.

You have allergies, asthma, or sinus problems.

You have infants in the home or your children have respiratory

Could you and your family be at risk of having mold related

Is there a musty smell in your home or building?

Are there visible signs of water damage?

Has the building ever suffered a roof, basement, or plumbing

Is there black mold in the basement, attic or living area?

Are you buying or selling a home? You should have it checked
out before purchasing or selling!

Does anyone in your home have unexplained health ailments?

Molds can be harmful to your family's health and damage
your property.

Why are new homes moldier?

Experts point to modern home design, including materials
used, such as fake stucco (great mold food when wet); the
way insulation can trap moisture behind walls; and the fact
that today's homes, like office buildings, are more airtight,
with air-conditioning and heating systems recirculating
contaminated air.-