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Everyone is concerned about the purity of the water they drink. But, what about the air you are breathing? Although we may drink two liters of liquid each day, we breathe in an estimated 15,000 liters of air. Toxins in that air are absorbed immediately by the lungs and transferred to our bloodstream.

Environmental Protection Agency - information regarding
prevention and remediation of mold.
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California Indoor Air Quality Program Information Sheets
and Related Links

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American Conference of Governmental Industrial
- information on IAQ and useful links.
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American Industrial Hygiene Association - general IAQ
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California Environmental Protection Agency - California IAQ
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New York State Department of Health - New York state
recommendations for IAQ, indoor mold inspections, remediation,
and prevention
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National Institutes of Health - information regarding
environmental health issues, including IAQ
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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences -
information on mold
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Planet Mold ( -
Your mold information resource
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Texas Tenant Advisor ( -
Know your rights as a tenant in Texas
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